City of Rock Hill, South Carolina

“We had an in-house developed application before we implemented Evolve Planning. With Evolve Planning we are more efficient in serving our customers and doing business with them in a user friendly, interactive and responsive manner. Our processes are now integrated and consistent, so all special conditions and requirements are incorporated at every step in the process.”
-Bill Meyer, Planning and Development Director, City of Rock Hill, SC.

York County South Carolina

“We chose Infovision Software based on their broad experience and reputation for successfully implementing projects, as well as having a web based system that is configurable and able to meet our exact needs. We were looking to enhance our systems and streamline processes in order to deliver more responsive and timely customer service. Our workload is ever increasing, so we must find ways to become more productive without increasing staff size. Since implementing the Evolve Planning system, our average permit issuance has been reduced dramatically.”
-Joel Abernathy, Director of Information Technology, York County South Carolina.

City of Oshkosh

After reviewing each issue and understanding their root cause it was determined by the group that a new software system could have a positive impact on each challenge. After comparing several different companies, the City selected Evolve Planning. “We felt Infovision Software would best serve our interests and give us the biggest bang for our buck”
-Brian Chapman, City of Oshkosh, Organizational Development Specialist.

Parker Sewer & Fire Sub-district

“We selected the Infovision Evolve product to streamline and automate our processes, both in the utility and operations functions. It has enabled us to improve the productivity of our workforce by having all signed documents at our fingertips electronically without having to search for paper documents”
-Tim Kershner of the Parker District.