Evolve EDRMS

evolve_erdmsEvolve EDRMS is a comprehensive Document and Content Management system that can be used within a single department or deployed across the enterprise. Fully integrated with all the Microsoft products, Evolve incorporates the powerful Brava viewer technology from Informative Graphics for high-performance document and content management.

Evolve comes with a variety of features and functions that make it easier than ever to create, store, retrieve, organize and manage your documents. The powerful image-capture module easily handles all types of media while providing full legal evidentiary value and compliance. Electronic Records are processed through a full lifecycle management of Workflow, Indexing, Annotations, and Retention, ensuring a complete audit trail throughout the process. Evolve stores the information in a secure repository that allows you to view and annotate documents without loading them onto the local workstation.

Evolve indexes electronic content through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for scanned images and Direct Electronic Indexing for non-scanned electronic content. Documents can be scanned in a centralized or highly distributed manner, or anywhere in between. Electronic Document content is indexed for fast retrieval on any word or groups of words in the record, as well as designated key words of your choosing. And Evolve’s powerful two-tiered search engine enables you to build limitless search criteria for fast and accurate content searching.

Evolve’s advanced viewing technology makes it easy to view content anywhere in the organization, and provides convenient content management features such as mark-up, annotations, engineering tools, and workflow. Best of all, the software is easily tailored to your organization’s unique scanning and content management needs.

Features Overview

Electronic Image

With Evolve EDRMS, the document scanning process can be centralized, distributed or a combination of both. The software’s comprehensive image capturing functionality is simple and intuitive to use, even for non-experts.

Key features include:
  • Simple scanning and registration functionality.
  • Automated capture technology, including zoning OCR and barcode recognition.
  • Integrated image processing to pre-captured meta-data.
  • Image quality assurance review.
  • Insert, rotate and delete functions at point of capture.
  • Electronic documents are maintained in their native format and can be re-launched for version creation.

Electronic Imagine

Records Management and Retention Lifecycle

Evolve serves as your organization’s central hub for electronic records, information about non-electronic records, and storage. The system handles all types of media while providing full legal evidentiary value and compliance.

Key features include:

  • Simple retention management to ensure records are maintained for the correct period.
  • Legal holds to ensure records and documents are not destroyed when required to retain them beyond the normal retention period.
  • File plan based records management structure to any number of levels.
  • DoD 5015.2 certified destruction process.
  • Version control and document or record accession.
  • Certification of original authenticity of records.
  • Box management and location control of physical records.

Forms Processing

Evolve forms processing lets you capture data within forms through scanning with zoning optical character recognition, XML Form creation or Adobe PDF forms.

Key features include:
  • Data indexed for workflow, routing and content searching.
  • Automated data capture from Evolve EDRMS, other systems through Evolve Agent or a combination of both.
  • Automatic capture back to the Evolve system.
  • Only authorized personal have access to forms.

Email Capture

Evolve’s flexible email integration process lets you save selected emails and attachments from the email program with a single click. The system captures the essential email meta-data, which is then auto-populated, and indexes the record.

Key features include:
  • “Send to” and “File Save As” capabilities embedded in the email program.
  • Attachments indexed with the email or separately.
  • Email and attachment reconstruction at any time.
  • Email integrated to the organization repository and file plan.
  • Meta-data enhancement capability.
  • Attachments maintained in native format.
  • Application of retention management to emails and attachments.

Collaboration and Workflow

Evolve’s workflow, version control, routing and control of content provides the perfect collaboration environment. The embedded comprehensive workflow can be recurring or ad hoc, and serial or parallel. “Documents in progress” and “project control” are standard features.

Key features include:
  • Version control to identify order of creation and precedence.
  • Comprehensive serial or parallel workflow engine.
  • Predetermined or ad hoc workflow.
  • Markup of content with identification of person completing the markup.
  • Workflow identified by transaction type to ensure consistency of performance.
  • Escalation and reminders based on preset time standards.
  • Performance reporting to ensure accountability.
  • Personnel auto-assignment to optimize workload and streamline projects and tasks to the correct skill sets.

Portal Access

Evolve lets you integrate your EDRMS content into the Evolve portal for public access or internal web publishing of information and forms. Version control and tie and dating provide evidence of information existing at a specific time.

Key features include:
  • Integration to records repository.
  • Publishing from document management database.
  • Version management.
  • Audit trail of published content.


Evolve uses Crystal Reports, which is the open standard for reporting. The system includes predefined and parameter-processed reports, and provides all source code so that you can modify reports as needed.

Key features include:
  • Predefined standard reports.
  • Parameter selection for advanced reporting.
  • Code for report modification in Report Designer.
  • Report on selected items directly from the search results.


All aspects of Evolve EDRMS are configurable for data fields, screen layout, content and tabs. This enhances productivity and security by showing only the required data on the screen. Most custom configurations can be made without modifying the underlying code.

Key features include:
  • Security over data and functions displayed to specific users.
  • User screen design module eliminates customization by coding.
  • Dynamic field creation to meet new requirements.

Security Management

Security can be established over data elements, functions and screens. Setup is easily managed by an administrator using the file plan, screen function controls and tabs.

Key features include:
  • Control of access at any node or file level in the file plan.
  • Ability to control screen access.
  • Control of specific tabs users can open.
  • Limiting display of function icons in any screen.

Electronic Viewing and Mark-up

Evolve’s integrated viewer makes it easy to view documents and images, and provides a full array of markup and redaction functionality.

Key features include:
  • Documents and images can be viewed without changing the integrity of the original.
  • Individual users can designate their own color coding of markup.
  • Simple version comparison of documents.
  • Notes can be added to document information and retained with the record.

External File Synchronization

Evolve’s exclusive Evolve-Agent function provides auto-integration of data between disparate systems such as finance, GIS or cash receipting.

Key features include:
  • Data is maintained in one system to eliminate duplication of entry and un-reconciled differences in the same data element.
  • Frequency of integration is user definable.
  • Simple version comparison of documents.
  • Synchronization is automatic to ensure data concurrency.