Evolve Planning

evolve_planningEvolve Planning is a state-of-the-art integrated planning system that provides planning departments with an “end-to-end” tool to manage the entire planning process. Designed and developed by an experienced planning staff, the software is based on a workflow and configuration engine that enables you to customize and optimize the application for your unique requirements. This greatly increases the productivity of your staff while giving customers access to the process to minimize cost and maximize service.

Evolve Planning has many features that streamline and simplify your planning process. It is the only software that allows you to accept applications at the beginning of the development phase, possibly before properties have even been designated. All work and interaction with the customer is electronic, eliminating the need for paper. Customers can interact with planners through the customer portal, providing and receiving feedback and uploading plans and documents. Customers can also request inspections or other required actions and see the results over the web in real time.

Used by planning, business license and fire departments throughout the U.S., Evolve utilizes the latest Microsoft .Net web platform. GIS integration is a standard feature and is used extensively throughout the application. Also, mobile applications are designed to deliver efficient operation over mobile networks and provide real-time update of the core database.

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Features Overview

Multi Level Development Project Set Up and Management

Evolve’s structure is designed to handle multi-level projects so that your staff can efficiently process everything from simple projects to large, complex developments.

Key features include:

  • Large projects can be initiated at the earliest stages at a high level, with the details established progressively.
  • Small projects established and processed with minimum of effort.
  • Information is recorded once but easily accessed on a detailed or project summary level.
  • Workflow established and managed for each project stage.
  • Projects can be closed by stage.

Electronic Plan Submittal

Plans can be electronically loaded over the web from the planning portal, eliminating the need for paper.

Key features include:
  • Customers can upload plans.
  • Updates can be submitted electronically, without an office visit.
  • Any related documents (regardless of type) can be submitted electronically.
  • Comments to reviewers can be added via the web, and are integrated with the project record.

Electronic Review, Mark-up and Notes

Reviewer updates are electronically recorded by the reviewer, along with any necessary redaction.

Key features include:
  • Markups are color coded for individual identification.
  • All changes between versions are identified and highlighted.
  • Complete audit trail of versions is provided.
  • Notes are applied with related documents at the correct project level.
  • Differentiation of internal and external comments and markups.

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Reviewer Work Console and Workflow Processing

This module maximizes productivity by allowing each staff member to configure their work environment and tools to best suit their work methods.

Key features include:
  • Optimization of reviewer productivity through customized work tools screen.
  • Individual and group work flow processes to enhance customer service.
  • Workflow provided by project type to maximize time utilization and efficiency.
  • Workflow “on the fly” or established flows.
  • Automatic alerts to ensure critical tasks are completed in agreed service levels.
  • Escalation processes for administrative oversight and customer advocacy.
  • Personnel auto-assignment based on workload and skill set.
  • Performance reporting to assess achievement of goals and timelines.

Comment and Approval Web Communication

The ability to pass communication and approvals through the planning web portal at any time enables timely communications between staff and customers.

Key features include:
  • Comments are available at the customer’s convenience in their planning web account.
  • Contractors can provide online updates to the appropriate project and planning personnel.
  • An electronic log is maintained of all project communications, ensuring a complete documentation of the process.


Evolve provides an integrated zoning process and approval mechanism.

Key features include:

  • The zoning processes are integrated to all other planning system functions to ensure standardization and compliance.
  • Electronic document management engine ensures a full record of the process and decisions made.

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Code Enforcement

With Evolve, compliance management is efficient and easily communicated.

Key features include:
  • Any type of inspection can be established through Evolve’s unique configuration capabilities.
  • Case management is facilitated through an ongoing inspection process to ensure compliance.
  • Comments and results can be communicated via the web.
  • Document management platform provides for forms processing to easily create and send required documents.

External File Synchronization

Convenient “Evolve-Agent” function provides auto-integration of data between disparate systems such as finance, GIS or cash receipting.

Key features include:
  • Data is maintained in one system to eliminate duplication of entry and un-reconciled differences in the same data element.
  • Frequency of integration is user definable.
  • Synchronization is automatic to ensure data concurrency is always maintained.

Mobile Inspections

Evolve provides for online wireless and offline synchronized inspections, with full scheduling and routing capabilities for both.

Key features include:
  • Activities can be completed in the field using wireless devices.
  • The system auto-synchronizes if communications are lost.
  • Auto rerouting of inspectors is provided to optimize travel.
  • Increased customer responsiveness through mobile schedule updates.
  • GPS to GIS translation is provided for vehicle location and auto property screen population.
  • Online addressing to eliminate map books and latest properties created.
  • Type of inspection can be established through Evolve’s unique configuration capabilities.
  • Results of inspections are immediately available to internal staff and customers via the planning portal.
  • Results document can be printed at the job site.

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Integrated Permitting

Evolve comes with a full-function permitting application that includes configurable plan types to avoid redundancy, errors and inefficient processing.

Key features include:
  • Permit-specific forms make data acquisition and applications customer friendly.
  • Role-based screen tables ensure efficiency, security and data integrity for all permitting functions.
  • Electronic plan checking eliminates paper plans and ensures version consistency.
  • Assured performance by pre-established workflow and escalation on time limit violations.
  • Management performance monitoring of permitting process by permit type.
  • All related documents can be electronically accepted, processed and preserved within the permit process.
  • Integrated funds processing is incorporated in the permitting functionality.
  • Final Certificate of Occupancy is checked for full compliance before issue.

Integrated Licensing

Evolve’s licensing system provides for flat rate, revenue-based or fees-based metrics.

Key features include:
  • Licensing is based on any required metric for a full range of capabilities for revenue generation.
  • Licensing is available at the planning desk.
  • Ensures that all contractors have a valid business license.
  • Ensures all contractors are properly state-licensed.

GIS Integration

Evolve has the highest level of GIS integration available. All functions are fully integrated to any GIS layer and data.

Key features include:
  • Evolve provides 2-way GIS integration by accessing the planning application from GIS or displaying any GIS subject layer from the planning application.
  • Project polygons can be created to define a project at its earliest stages, before specific parcels are created.
  • Polygons can be created to identify subprojects within the overall project.
  • All spatial data is maintained in the GIS to ensure non-replication of data.

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