Web Based

All Evolve software products are engineered in Microsoft .Net ASP. This ensures they operate very efficiently, with a minimum of page refreshes. It also ensures that you maintain technological currency, with a foundation for ongoing enhancement.

Completely Configurable

With Evolve software, all aspects of the applications can be configured for data fields, screen layout, content and tabs. This means that only required data is shown on any screen, which enhances productivity and security. In most cases, the easy-to-use configuration engine allows you to customize the software to meet your specific needs without having to change the underlying code.

Active Directory

Evolve systems utilize Microsoft Active Directory for user definition and security. This eliminates the requirement for a separate user maintenance function.

Microsoft Office

Evolve is integrated to all Microsoft Office products though the use of the “Send To” function and the inclusion of an Evolve option under “File.” This allows you to easily process documents into the Evolve records application for integrated viewing and life-cycle management.

Crystal Reports

Evolve software utilizes the industry standard of Crystal Reports for reporting purposes. The system lets you use the built-in Ready or Runtime reports, modify existing reports, or write your own reports using the provided table definitions.

Integration through Evolve Agent

Any external system can be easily integrated with an Evolve system. This ensures that the data is maintained within one system and avoids needless replication. Evolve lets you define the frequency of integration depending on how dynamic the data needs to be.

Browser Support

Evolve products support all versions of Internet Explorer 8 and above, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Data and Use Logging

Evolve automatically tracks all user actions, including any data additions, changes or deletions. Data can be retained for as long as you need. Log reports are available.

Microsoft Operating System and Database

All Infovision Software products operate on Microsoft Server 2003 and above. The systems utilize Microsoft SQL Server Version 2005 and above.