A software company that works for you.

As a software company we have built up the experience and trust that serves our customers year after year. With that industry expertise we know the importance of offering the most up-to-date technology in every product.

We've done the hard work of creating software that works for you, so your focus can be on your customers and constituents. We have developed a dedicated and experienced team focused on information management systems for the local government and library sector. Our technologies use the latest innovations and are provided in a completely flexible way, to meet the exact and unique needs of our clients.

Infovision Software Inc., founded in 2002, has invested to bring the most current and productive technologies to our customers in the Library Management and Planning Departments of city and county government. Our technology enables the smart organization to operate in a fully customer-centric manner in a cloud-based environment. Our technology is complemented with our commitment to the highest level of customer support.

Evolve product suite allows its clients, of a wide range of sizes, to have the latest and best technology deployed to maximize their organization’s efficiency and service to its customers. We provide a platform that allows our clients to constantly expand the capabilities they support. We maximize efficiency and responsiveness for the end customer through web Apps optimized for ease of use. Offering seamless integration with your other vendors to keep your organization working together. All the functions of our Company are handled in house. Nothing is outsourced, as we believe in having complete control over the quality of our work.

We understand the public sector and its unique requirements in city halls and libraries across the US. From the beginning we have worked directly with planners and librarians to create software that meets the needs of the industry, resulting in user friendly software that puts what you need in front of you.

We  provide outstanding ongoing support to our customers. and we keep our promises, projects are always completed for our quoted price. This has resulted in  an extremely satisfied customer base, in all cases.

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