Evolve Permitting and Inspections encompasses all the functionality a permitting department will need or want.

Evolve is a customer-friendly  application that is completely customized to your specific permit types and fields. Fully web-based, Evolve allows staff to work from anywhere using their Workflow Dashboard. Our tools enable you to collaborate across your organization and communicate efficiently with your customers. It allows you to free up your staff to provide the best possible customer service.

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Securely work from any device at any location.

Save Time; Make Money

The system calculates fees and processes payments. No more double data entry or missed fees.

Mobile Access

Customers and staff can access the information they need at any time and any place.

Customer Web Portal

Allow instant customer access to submissions, results and approvals.

Permitting features that set Evolve apart

  • With completely configurable fields and an unlimited number of permit types, Evolve is easily customizable to your changing needs.
  • Mobile app enables field inspections with or without an internet connection.
  • Workflow Dashboard puts your to-do list at your fingertips, enabling you to monitor and track permits through the entire process.
  • Customer Web Portal allows instant customer access to permit applications and tracking, inspection status and scheduling, fee payment, and viewing/printing of permit documents and stamped plans.
  • Associated records such as plans, letters or pictures are attached to the permit application and are easily retrieved.
  • e-Inspection feature allows customer to submit photos of the completed work through the Customer Web Portal, allowing inspectors to determine if site visit is needed.
  • Permit staff can schedule multiple inspection types at one time without having to re-enter the same customer information. Customers are notified immediately in real time of their inspection results via text or email.
  • Customizable workflow management provides an internal checklist for staff before a permit can be issued, preventing  issuance before all required items have been completed.
  • Easy Notify button allows staff to send email to customers when permit is ready for payment, ensuring payment comes in every time.
  • Notes/Email section enables staff to make notes and email any permit contact directly from Evolve keeping a record of all customer communication.
  • Linked section allows staff to view any related permits, projects, code enforcement cases or business licenses to that address.
  • Full fee processing module integrated with your financial system. Fully integrated with your GIS.

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