Integrated Library Software

Evolve ILS provides the integral functionality your staff and patrons need.

Designed from the ground up with years of feedback from librarians, Evolve is a state-of-the-art integrated library system that saves you time and money while making it easy to manage your entire library collection and circulation activities. Carefully constructed to fit your everyday workflow, Evolve quickly and easily handles your daily activities while freeing up staff to better serve your patrons.

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Securely work from any device in any location.

Automated Reports and Cataloging

The system comes loaded with common reports and allows for automated cataloging with Z39.50 and MARC imports.

User Friendly

The software is designed to make everyday asks easier and more efficient.

More than Circulation

Keep track of all the other important functions of your library.

Library features that set Evolve apart

  • Works in conjunction with Evolve's mobile app to better serve your patrons.
  • Allows automatic SMS and email communication between library and patron.
  • Easily customizable to fit your unique library environment.
  • Easily integrates with third party software.
  • Utilizes Z39.50 and Marc Imports for quick and accurate cataloguing.
  • Web based software requiring only an internet connection.
  • Google-like search functionality
  • Efficient bookdrop check in

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